About Us

The Gude site will be closed on 4/30/2018.  Re-opening will not happen for several years.
The Pooleville Polo Club site is closed until further notice.

Formed in 1982, we are The Capital Area Soaring Association, also known as “CASA”.  Club membership is open to anyone interested in model sailplane and electric flying. Most members live in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  The purpose of the organization is to enhance the enjoyment, development, and growth of model soaring and electric flight, including quad-rotors, FPV and EDF jets up to 90mm.  CASA meets these goals by providing places to fly, launching equipment, individual assistance, organized events, meetings, and a web presence.

Our sport pilots fly only electric powered models at the Gude Drive site, and have assembled a wealth of knowledge regarding this fast-growing segment of RC flying. If you are considering electric power as an entry into RC flying, there is no greater fund of expertise in the DC area than among our current members.

The most important ingredient in our association, however, is the caliber and commitment of our individual members. Our members represent all levels of flying skill and are dedicated to safe and enjoyable model soaring and electric flight. A spirit of mutual assistance, good fellowship, and teamwork prevails at all of CASA’s gatherings and activities.

Join us at any of our flying fields and events and get to know us!