1. All CASA Members who fly at MNBP must obtain a MNBP Glider Pilot Certification by the following the relevant part of the pilot certification procedures (under the “Join CASA” menu).
  2. Flying will be permitted from dusk to dawn, seven days a week, year-round; except there will be no flying on the national holiday weekends surrounding the Fourth of July and Labor day.  Additionally, there will be no flying during the MNBP’s anniversary events which are the weekends closest to July 21st and August 29th.  There will also be a moratorium on flying the entire months of April, May and June.  This is to avoid negative impacts on ground nesting birds.
  3. Gliders must yield the right-of-way and avoid flying in the proximity of full size aircraft. The MNBP flying site is within 9 miles of Dulles airport and within 5.5 miles of the Manassas Regional Airport. Full size aircraft sometimes fly over the park and must be given a wide berth.
  4. Flying will take place only in the fields across (North) from the parking lot from the picnic shelter located in the Brownsville Picnic Area.  This field must be used for all launching and landing.  Here is a MAP of the park showing the Brownsville Picnic Area.
  5. Gliders must be un-powered. Launching will be by means of a hi-start, winch, man-pulled tow line, or hand launching. No electric or combustion propulsion equipment is permitted.
  6. Gliders must have the owner’s name and phone number and his AMA number in easy to find locations.
  7. Gliders must not be launched directly towards the picnic shelter. Tow lines shall be angled at least 15 degrees to one side or the other. Tow lines shall not fall or drift into the parking lot.
  8. While in flight, gliders may fly beyond the field boundaries, however, they shall not fly over I-66.
  9. Gliders must not fly over the picnic area or parking lot at low altitude.  Gliders must not fly over people or horses at low altitudes.  Right of way and access must be given to horses at all times.  In the event there are horses present in the area (whether being loaded or unloaded or riding occurring); all flying activity must cease until all horses are trailered. Pilots must exercise good judgment and flying skill to avoid landing in the picnic area or the parking lot.
  10. The picnic tables may be used for glider assembly when not needed by picnic patrons. No equipment or materials shall be left on the tables or in the picnic area at any time.
  11. CASA users of the area must be alert and watch out for other park visitors who enter the flying area. Unlike CASA’s other sites, the MNBP site is open to the public. People can, and likely will, wander onto the field. CASA must courteously direct them to locations where they may safely pass, or may remain to watch flying activities.
  12. Pilots must coordinate with other pilots on the use of radio frequencies. No frequency pins will typically be available at the site unless someone provides a personal set. During organized/scheduled events, CASA pins should be available.
  13. No trash or plane parts are to be left in the park. All users will be mindful of preserving the cleanliness of the flying area.
  14. All motor vehicles must stay on the driving surface of the parking lot.  They may not under any circumstance be driven in the fields.
  15. All pilots must have a current CASA PILOT card annotated: MNBP GLIDER.
  16. Permission to fly model gliders at MNBP is a privilege and may be restricted or cancelled at any time at the discretion of the Park Superintendent or their designee.  CASA members must abide by all National Park Service rules and regulations while utilizing the park grounds in addition to any rules that CASA will impose.
  17. Flights must be limited to 400 feet above ground level.

Any questions or issues concerning the use of the MNBP should be directed to the POC for Manassas.