The property is just South of Poolesville, MD.  Approaching the property from the River Road end of Hughes Road, the direction of travel is north. The property may be entered at the main entrance (at the large sign reading “Capitol Polo Club”) and then following the dirt road past the buildings. Follow the road as it turns right and goes behind the scoreboard, and continues along until reaching the arena. Go past the arena, and turn left onto the grass. After passing the north end of the arena, STAY TO THE RIGHT of the mowed area and proceed North to the field boundary tree line. This is the normal launch point, but depending on the wind direction, launching may be done in any direction across the field area. DO NOT DRIVE ACROSS THE MOWED AREA because it is used for soccer games and any ruts will ruin the playing surface. It is the soccer group that pays for keeping this area mowed, so please respect their effort and considerable expense! There are other entry points to the property along Hughes Road. If any of those gates are open, they can be used for easier access to the flying area/