1. You must be a current AMA and CASA Member or a current AMA Member accompanied by a current CASA Member.
  2. If there is any activity involving polo practice, horse exercising, pony school, or a soccer event taking place in the designated flying area, CASA must yield its use of the area to those activities.
  3. Observe the permitted flying times (All-day Monday, 9:30am to 3:30pm Tuesday thru Friday, and after 5pm on Sunday).  No flying on holidays.
  4. Flying is only permitted in the far Northeast corner of the property. Do not fly if others are using the field.
  5. Do not drive across the field, drive around the perimeter.
  6. Do not enter the field if the ground is soft.
  7. Only thermal-type sailplane flying is permitted.  (Hotliner high-speed passes are prohibited).
  8. Sailplanes may be launched by winch, hi-start, hand, on-board electric power, or electric powered tow plane.
  9. Electric powered Old-Timers, Park Flyers, Backyard Flyers, and Micro Flyers, are OK as long as they are flown with discretion. No ZAGIs or Razors. No internal combustion engines. No rockets. Rubberband powered planes would be OK to fly too!
  10. No flying over horses.
  11. If a winch or hi-start line is laid out across the field, and a horse rider enters the area, please advise them about the line. (We have seen cases where horses have balked at the line, nearly throwing their riders).
  12. CASA members must exercise good judgment and avoid using the field if there is any chance of causing damage.
  13. Flights must be limited to 400 feet above ground level.