CASA Pilot Certification

Before being able to fly solo at one of the CASA flying fields, you will need to become a Certified CASA Pilot.

Prior to becoming certified, you may fly but you must be under the guidance of a Certified CASA Pilot.

To become a Certified CASA Pilot you must:

  1. Be a member of the AMA.
  2. Be a member of CASA.
  3. Be registered with the FAA.
  4. Demonstrate to a CASA Checkout Pilot a knowledge of CASA Field Rules and the AMA Safety Code.
  5. Demonstrate to a CASA Checkout Pilot the ability to launch, fly, and land an RC aircraft safely.

The CASA Checkout Pilot must vouch for the member by sending the CASA Coordinator the name and AMA number of the candidate member.  Upon the agreement of the CASA Coordinator, the CASA member will be issued a new membership card with the word PILOT prominently displayed.

CASA Checkout Pilots are listed on the CASA Contacts page .

If the word PILOT is not on your membership card, you are not a Certified CASA Pilot.

MNBP Glider Pilot Certification

To get a MNBP GLIDER PILOT card you must:

  1.  Be a current member of CASA, the AMA, and be registered with the FAA.
  2.  Agree to abide by the rules for the MNBP.
  3.  Pass a glider flying proficiency test which will require three successful launches (hi-start or winch) and landings of a non-powered glider.  Landings must be within 150 feet of a pre-designated target.  The flights must be witnessed by another CASA member who has a MNBP GLIDER PILOT card.  The witness will notify the CASA Coordinator that the test was passed.

CASA members who are known to be proficient glider flyers can be issued MNBP GLIDER PILOT cards without a test.  Either the CASA Coordinator or Safety Officer will identify eligible members.

CASA members pending MNBP GLIDER status and occasional visiting AMA members may fly as guests under the direct oversight of CASA MNBP GLIDER PILOTS present on site.

Note:  Under the terms of its agreement, CASA must provide the MNBP with a list with names and phone numbers of everyone who has been issued a MNBP GLIDER PILOT card. The list will allow park officers to determine who are legitimate users of the flying area in the event that non-CASA individuals try to it.

CASA Checkout Pilots are listed on the CASA Contacts page .